Are you missing tax returns for prior years? Have you received a notice from the Irs or State of California about the fact that they are missing your tax returns?

If so, I can help you prepare those returns. I maintain software going back numerous years and I you provide me with your accounting records (if available) then I can work from those. In case you don't have accounting records, I can work from a transcript from the IRS or FTB. Contact both agengies and request a copy of the your transcripts for the years that they are missing. The IRS can be reached at 1-800-829-1040 and the FTB can be reached at 916-852-5711. If you get a message saying that there lines are tied up, there is usually an opportunity to get a call back and not lose yor place in line. If you call early enough during the day, you should get a call back usually within a few hours at most.

If you need help filing tax returns for prior years, please complete the form below and let me know which years you need filed and for which agencies.

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